Starting with the Why – The Purpose

The strategy cycle of Wardley Mapping starts with the purpose. The purpose – the “why” of our business – describes the reason and motivation for the organization’s existence and is part of the organization’s vision of the future.

The organization’s purpose and fundamental beliefs – its corporate values – envision the organization’s future. The vision defines what we aspire to, and the purpose reflects why we are doing what we are doing.

In their book Corporate Rebels, the authors highlighted that „companies with a focus on a higher purpose perform up to 10 times better than the competition“. With a higher purpose focused on social responsibility, employees tend to be more engaged, and consumers are inclined to pay a higher price – leading to better financial results.

The purpose not only defines the why of the business and has a potential financial impact, but it also affects the value chain. The evolution of a value chain is visualized by a Wardley Map – a presentation of the business landscape.

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– Corporate Rebels by Joost Minnaar & Pim de Moore